The internet today already blows our minds and can keep us entertained, but what about five years from now? Fifteen? Predictions have already been released that the internet will produce many more advancements that we don’t even see in fictional movies.

As we all know, internet speeds keep getting faster and faster, but 5 years from now, internet speed will double, maybe even triple. You think high speed internet is fast now, wait 5 years, everything will be instant. Internet users will also increase, according to Business Insider: since 2005, internet users have increased by 66%. But in 5 years, Google executive Eric Schmidt, says that everyone in the world will be able to use the internet. That’s insane, if you ask me, that’s how brilliant our engineers are behind the internet. Another interesting prediction is not only our computers, TVs, and smart devices will be able to have internet connectivity; devices such as: washing machines, door locks, and even refrigerators will be able to connect to wifi (Post, 2015). This would make our lives easier but also, more confusing. All these internet-enabled devices could restrict us from using those certain devices solely due to the fact that we as we age, technology doesn’t come too naturally. I mean, look at our parents.

Now let’s time travel ten more years and unravel the internet. Fifteen years from now, education will be even more advanced and school, specifically college, will be all online.This internet evolution will give other students around the world the ability to learn and afford it (Shirvell, 2014).

One thing that will never change for the future of the internet, is the violation of our privacy. People are watching me type this blog right now. People are listening to your calls, reading your messages, and even opening your snapchats (yeah, they don’t disappear like you think). This is where I believe the government, is wrong in what it’s doing. People deserve their privacy. Otherwise, the internet will continue to thrive throughout the years giving us more and more opportunity. The future is near. Be ready.


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