Listed below are the jobs that, in the future, I would likely apply to:

  1. Product Manager – Digital Advertising
    • Best Buy
    • Requires: strong empathy, excellent communication, data-driven, willing to accept challenges, detail-oriented, self-driven.
    • For the position, I fall short in being data-driven. I’m willign to learn and prosper in certain fields but being data-driven as always been a struggle for me in previous jobs. With the right assistance I can improve though.
  2. Advertising Assistant
  3. Sales Specialist – Marketing/Advertising
    • Naked Lime
    • Requires: Bachelor’s degree, 2 years sales experience, verbal and written communication skills, periodic travel.
    • So, I do not currently have my Bachelor’s degree as of yet but that is coming. Also, periodic travel would be tough for me, I like being close to home and especially my family. Being open to opportunity can result in me being a better traveler.
  4. Event Promotions
  5. Video Editor/Producer
  6. Video Producer/Editor
  7. Multimedia Producer
  8. Video Post Production Intern Grad
  9. Creative Intern
  10. Actor

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