1. Team Name and Logo


My picture from my trip up north in the summer adds for a dramatic backdrop. BrenDom Global is taking over.

2. Group Photos

Small Horse, Zumberg Hall. If you want to see this cute little guy come on down to Zumberg Hall. This piece was done using only bronze and was a gift of the Padnos foundation. As simple as it is it represents strength and work horse for the students here at Grand Valley.
Tranformational Link, Ausable Hall. Whenever you are visiting all of the Great Lakes Halls you won’t miss this huge sculpture. This culture is iconic to GVSU portraying the message that we keep building as a student each year of our college career. But be careful, there’s a curse if you walk through. Whenever you’re on this side keep your head up and your phone in your pocket.
Monument to Vitus Bering, Lake Ontario Hall. This is such an inspirational piece. Vitus Bering was an avid explorer, this piece was created by a Russian artist depicting his favorite explorer. This simply encourages our community to keep exploring even in tough times.
Heaven and Earth, Zumberg Hall. Who doesn’t love a huge sculpture? Well this one’s pretty big, as you can see that I was too mesmerized for the photo. It shows us as students that we need to reach for the stars. We can’t be afraid of the future and of failure, so we need to reach for our goals and eventually achieve them! Inspiration!

3. Meme Recreation


4. Virtual tour

Find my virtual tour of the Grand Valley Arboretum here: 

I had a blast shooting this video with Dom. WARNING: this tour is very educational, don’t click on it if you’re not ready to learn.

5.  Fav place on Campus


Who doesn’t love the little Mac bridge? It’s a place that we may all come across for a quick glance every day on our way to class. But on my free time, I like to stop and just stare at the nature below me. Mother nature has a gift and lucky for us she can share it through pictures like these. I used Photoshop to brighten my coat and even the trees overlooking the bridge. Making it the most aesthetically pleasing picture you’ll see on the interwebs.

6. GVSU Annual Report

This graph shows the overall private giving since 2006 at Grand Valley State University. Received from https://www.gvsu.edu/giving/ar2016/

As you can see on the 2016 Grand Valley State University annual report on giving, there are two infographics located on the financial report page. These infographics show the amount of money given by private donors that fund our university, along with the growth of our funds each year at GVSU. These numbers are astonishing to me, seeing how many people frequently give to our university shows how successful it is. Graduates from this great university loved and thrived from this school so much that they’re giving their hard earned cash to better our community. I of course hope that one day I can give back to this progressively excelling university.

7. Favorite Internet Meme

Received from http://i.imgur.com/epymVpl.jpg

Honestly I don’t know anybody that doesn’t love a good Kermit meme. Every one that has been made is pure gold. Do I even have to explain why this is my favorite meme. They are so effing accurate and that’s what makes them so funny. I always see myself second-guessing myself when it comes to doing adult things. Homework, laundry, going to class, you name it. So why not make it relatable and make everybody piss themselves from laughter. All internet memes just make everybody’s day. They take well-known pictures and completely destroy them with countless amounts of captions just for some re-tweets and likes. While giving people like us a little fame when we think of a hilarious caption of our own. Keep the memes coming, sincerely everyone on the Internet.

This class was truly something special. I was able to show my creative skills off to Adrienne, and even the students looking over my blogs. Thank you for a wonderful semester! Peace out Girl Scouts.


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