Yeah…so this happened. I don’t really understand it. Since our pre-test I have added a word press account, LinkedIn account, and even an account but it hasn’t improved my social media score. But i know there’s room for improvement. In both my pretest and this test there were a lot of results that weren’t about me. Unfortunately, Brendan Cotter is a very popular name and refers to a lot of juveniles with prison records. But this Brendan isn’t a criminal, I promise!

Here are five steps on how I can improve my score:

  1. Get out there in the social media world. I need to make more professional accounts to boost my resume for future employers.
  2. Delete all the inappropriate posts on all of my social media accounts. I admit it I’m potty mouth and I need to control it.
  3. Constantly check BrandYourself and see what accounts are not associated with me and to make sure I clarify that it’s not me. Like I said according to my BrandYourself I am a prisoner but in reality I’m a wimp.
  4. Improve my online portfolio. Employers look for easy and efficient access to my most professional accounts and why not make it easy and put them all into one site.
  5. Keep all of my accounts up-to-date with important and useful information. I need to use my Twitter and Facebook more as a business aspect rather than ranting to my crazy aunt about the past election.
  6. I know I only said five but here is an important sixth. I need to simply change my name. I was thinking of something unique, something that only I will be known as and all of my accounts will be recognized under. Maybe, Kingothy Walterdome? Still working on it.

Now you’ve seen all my tips on how I can improve my score, I just have to put it in action. I need to stay up-to-date on all of my social media feed while also deleting my curse-infused tweets in Facebook posts. Don’t worry you’ll hear big things from Kingothy Walterdome, big things.


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