Now many of you might say,”if technology starts to take over our jobs how could it make us work together?” Well if you’re those people who are very pessimistic about the future of technology, I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong. Technology is becoming more and more advanced each and every year due to the exponential growth of our computer systems. As said by Ray Kurzweil, our Computer processing power is doubling every two years. Yes you heard that right, every two freaking years. And scientists are not doubling this processing power just so they could take over our everyday jobs, they’re doing it for a better future and so workers and machines can work in unison.

And I’m not just talking about AI intelligence. There are so many new applications and tools that are helping us be able to collaborate more quickly and efficiently. Like mentioned in our Prezi presentation on “how to learn stuff”. Especially as college students, we use these applications every day for almost all of our group assignments. Think about it, when you write a group paper and need everybody to pitch in, why use Microsoft Word and get bombarded with emails while trying to put all the pieces of the puzzle together when instead you can use an application like Google docs. This application allows you to work with partners simultaneously on the same word document. Plus it allows for the students to go back in and change any part of the assignment at anytime they want with also saving it automatically, just like WordPress!

Along with these Applications, networks have also opened up ways to collaborate and function all of your material in one place. One example of this, probably the most famous, is the iCloud. Apple’s extremely successful and well known iCloud has been the way for storing our pictures, videos, applications, and even passwords in the cloud while freeing up space in your actual phone storage. But even with this as we know we can never escape the “iCloud storage almost full” pop-up on our iPhones and Macs. I don’t want to buy more storage okay. I’m a broke college student.

As said by this UsNews article, the number one soft skill every college student needs is collaboration. Learning to collaborate with others and efficiently work in teams is a key skill for college students. Constructive criticism plays the biggest role in the skill. Every student needs constructive criticism to succeed. Without it, we would be doing our own thing thinking it was always the right option. Constructive criticism allows us to get feedback from fellow students that understand our mistakes and can help us fix them. We see this in applications like Google Docs, where it allows for someone to edit your paper by using the comment section and telling you what you can fix.

There is also new devices that allow for turning off light switches in your house and other collaborative uses. Items like the Amazon Echo, Switch Bot, and Google Home allow for the user to talk to the device and Play music, turn on household switches, and even ask a simple question that always bothers you not knowing. These three devices are revolutionary in their field allowing for users to easily speak and let the device do its thing.

Technology is not the end of the world. It’s the start of a new beginning. Our species is increasingly becoming more intelligent allow me for amazing devices and applications that’ll allow for us to work together and collaborate. So instead of living in fear for the future, live in excitement for what’s to come and how much easier our lives are going to be.


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