Before I started this class, I really didn’t know how much digital media actually affected my future. All I thought I was,”welp I better delete all my social media for when I become an adult and get a real job.” I thought my future employers wouldn’t even care if I had a twitter, Facebook, etc. I mean, they’re in an older generation than I am so they probably don’t even know what those mean and how they work. I also thought it was too late to start deleting my Twitter posts or Instagram posts due to their vulgarity and inappropriateness because there’s too much of it. But while progressing in this course I’ve quickly learned that I am screwed.

All of the swear-infused tweets, and pictures of me clearly doing inappropriate things that I am not of age to do yet can be traced back to me by my employers. The first time I actually realized this was when we did the Brand Yourself assignment in class. After inserting my information and receiving my results, I quickly realized that any future employer could easily do this. It’s that simple. After going through and picking out which profiles were actually mine, I knew I had to get to work on cleaning up my social media.

Before this class, I really didn’t know the variety of jobs available with digital media. I knew it was an up-and-coming field but I didn’t know to what extent. Our field trip to Externa CGI really opened my eyes to the possibilities of digital media. I mean, they get to deal with cool ass virtual reality games and experiences. Not a lot of people get to do that every day for a living. It also showed me that my future job can be fun! Just by touring and playing with some of the gadgets I realized how entertaining yet life changing this field can be to the employees and most importantly the clients. The same virtual reality headsets they use have already opened up opportunities for the first head transplant. By using the HTC Vive (a virtual reality headset), patients can start learning and training for their future body months in advance to their procedure. That’s insane. I know what I’m adding to my Christmas list.

Now I also learned that social media could create some consequences in the near future. Even know I wasn’t able to attend class when we watched Black Mirror on Netflix, I took it upon myself to watch it on my own. The episode “Nosedive” shows an utopian society that simply revolves around this one social media app. Buying a car, going to an airport, or even buying a house all depends on your social media score which increases based on liked pictures and friendly encounters. Now I don’t know about you but this is the last thing I want to happen to our society. We already notice social media starting to corrupt our youth by keeping them indoors glued to their tablets, Smart phones, and computers. We need to stop this. And now they are starting to make sunglasses that can record video?!? Who in their right mind needs that. Seriously. Now all the creeps out there can just watch people without anybody knowing and still have video of it to watch later. Why, just why? It just reminds me of Facebook and now Instagram’s new Live video feature. I don’t need anybody to know what I’m doing right then and there. Privacy please and thank you.

So basically what I am trying to say based on what I learned from this class is to start using social media for the better. Unlike this guy, who clearly didn’t think on his feet and will most likely lose his job due to stupid social media use. Let’s make a change with our future, like this cute little robot, I mean I guess it’s a start. I’ve also learned that the growing field of digital media is a great option for the younger generation, because this is what society is starting to transform into. So Digital media students start to rejoice, the future is looking bright for you.



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