Technology dictates our future jobs, whether we become garbage men or work at a computer store. That’s why it is vital to for us learn these new technologies as soon as they come out, because we will be asked to use them in the future. This course alone focuses on preparing you for your future technology use. On the other hand, social media can make or even break your reputation. Employers have access to ALL of your social media accounts, delete vulgarness ASAP, and when they see your vulgar tweets or even inappropriate pictures, it could be the decision factor in a future career. Be a professional, because that’s the only way you can become one.

Growing up with technology was never an issue for me. I always understood how it worked and could teach basically anyone the new advancements that released, I always stayed connected. With this, i assumed that social media was the right place for me, so i could hop on these trends as soon as they appeared. So at the young age of 12 I created my first Facebook account. I ran to my parents and exclaimed, “I’M FINALLY ON FACEBOOK,” resulting in my mom and dad looking at me in disappointment since i was too young. Gosh I loved that lecture.

But i didn’t let that stop me from staying connected to my friends, family, and even favorite celebrities. I started to discover all of these new gadgets and tools that without social media wouldn’t have been possible. Most importantly, I could talk to my family and friends because back then I didn’t have a phone yet. This was the first of many social media sites i would eventually join. I then went to Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat once they finally came around. The marketers really targeted me like they mentioned in Generation Like, I was now connected in every way possible.

This made school easier, provided entertainment for me and my friends, and brought me closer to the real world. I started getting information from news pages and could use these same tools for help with school. I expressed myself in each of these social media sites, and now that i look back, i did way too much. My social media use definitely needs a clean-up due to the vulgar tweets, posts, and even pictures that i post. I know now that this can affect in my job search for the future, meaning i have to make a change.

Businesses thrive off social media use, and even use it in hiring processes. They look to Twitter to sell product and stay connected to their consumers, this comes with better results for business. They also use it as a guideline for hiring a new employee. I don’t want to hire someone that drops f bombs and retweets half naked girls, I’d rather hire a more professional individual. This is why i believe that users have to act now, wiping off inappropriate content can only benefit you in present time and even the future.

As i mentioned before technology, social media especially, is the backbone for all future business. So clean up if you have to and even get help so you understand using it. As well as businesses, technology can impact people too. I’ve changed since my first post to my last (my first Facebook post was a picture of me with my middle fingers up, while my last was a information based on the Soccer Club that I’m in). Technology is starting to make our fantasies a reality, so as consumers, we need to stay in touch.


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